Game Day Staff & Volunteers


Billet Coordinator – Ingrid MacNiel

High-School Liaison – Kim Lowry

Prevention Services Officer – Constable Ryan Rinneard


Game Day Operations Coordinator – Liz Basinger

Game Day Operations Assistant – Keenan McEwan

Public Address Announcer – Ron Messer

HockeyTV Play x Play – Dan Malta

In-Arena and Team Multimedia – Taylor Welsh

Videographer & B-Roll – Kayden Williams

In-Arena Music – Hilary Welsh

Camera Operator – vacant

Box Office Staff – Liz Basinger, Donna Silver, Diane MacPhee, Jen Tippett

Time Keeper – Brandon Wright

Scorekeeper & Hockeytech Operator – Trevor Bambridge

Game Day Merchandise Sales – Michael Mikus

Arena Security – Gloria McKim & Michael Mikus

Lions Club 50-50 Lead – Brenda Whitehead

Are you looking to become a Game Day Volunteer or Volunteer with the Cobourg Cougars? Do you have student Volunteer hours to gain? Look no further! Please email us at with your name and what you are interested in!

We would love to have you join the team.